Lush Haul + Reviews

Lush Haul + Reviews
 It’s been a hot minute since I’ve splurged at Lush but I am so glad I did!

I used to be obsessed with Lush bath products back in the day. I probably could have opened up my own store with a number of bath bombs I had collected. These days, I don’t have much time to soak in a tub and relax, and I no longer have a bath bomb collection.

Recently, my sister began working at Lush so she has been bringing home all these products with amazing scents. Naturally, my itch to spend money at Lush became next level. I bought several things the other day and had to opportunity to test almost all of them so I am excited to share them with you guys!

Mask of Magnaminty

I tested this masks out on my Snapchat a couple nights ago and noted that the texture is a little gross. It’s green and very lumpy, but my skin felt great after I washing it all off. It’s important to note that this mask has peppermint in it and you can definitely feel it on your skin. There was a slight burning sensation on my face when the mask was still drying and I can definitely see it being uncomfortable to some people, but I felt like it was uber refreshing.

Ocean Salt

I used to use this exfoliant when I was still in college when my acne and scars were out of control. It smells amazing but it also helps lighten your scars. If you love exfoliating, seriously consider trying this. You guys know I prefer to use chemical exfoliants on my face but these days, I really like using this as a full body scrub in the shower. It helps prep your skin for in-shower body conditioners.


If you are not into something so abrasive, consider this super affordable alternative. This little bar of heaven has almond shavings in it, as well as moisturizing cocoa butter, so as you exfoliate you are also conditioning your skin. I’m pretty bad about putting lotion on post-shower so this little guy is going to be a lifesaver.

Buck’s Fizz

I made the mistake of using Buck’s Fizz right after Scrubee. Don’t do that – it was way too much conditioning and I felt like a huge grease ball for the rest of the day. If you use this in the shower, you won’t need to use lotions at all; your skin will be so soft after you rinse. But make sure you rinse thoroughly because this stuff is orange, so get it all off your skin. Also, do not get this stuff in your hair, it will make your hair greasy, heavy, and look gross.

Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb

So this bath bomb contains lemon, lime and neroli oil which is the most heavenly smelling combo. Supposedly it makes you feel rejuvenated and uplifted. I haven’t tried it yet but I am excited to!

What Lush products I should try next?