When To Throw Away Your Beauty Sponge

When To Throw Away Your Beauty Sponge
For the last 15 years, beauty sponges have been making their way into our makeup kits and our hearts. They help us look our best and increase our confidence, but how long can you go before you have to replace it?

Because this sponge is used almost every day, the thought of having to replace it often escapes me. I’ve gone through so many different brands of beauty sponges over the years, and other than beautyblender, I’ve also started to like Aesthetica Cosmetics and Mikasa Beauty. One of the mini beauty sponges
shown in my photos is an Aesthetica mini, and the yellow beauty sponge is the new S100 Lemon Drop sponge by Mikasa Beauty.

Here are a few indicative signs that it is time for a new sponge:

Over 3+ Months Old
We all know that cleaning your beauty sponge regularly can prolong its life. However Beautyblender recommends throwing out your sponge after 3 months, even if you are regularly maintaining it. You can buy solid and liquid sponge cleaners from beautyblender, but I personally use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in Lavender. It’s a liquid soap you can easily find at Target, and it is made with essentials oils, which are delicate on the sponge. The lavender scent from the soap is relaxing and invigorating, but there are other scents you can choose from. I usually wash my beautyblender after each use, but like any other sponge, beauty sponges collect gunk. It absorbs product, dead skin cells and acne causing bacteria. No matter how many washes you give it, the chances of some of that bacteria festering at the center of your sponge is enough to make anyone cringe.

When did you last buy your beautyblender? Was it over three months ago? Then, yes, it’s time for a new one.

Unexplained Breakouts

Like I just mentioned, acne causing bacteria can be absorbed into your sponge. Also, if your beauty blender is not properly washed, or if it is just on its last legs, there is a chance there is bacteria inside that can’t wait to have a field day on your face.

Trust me, I speak from experience. This last week, my face has been covered in bumps and acne that simply should not have been there. I am eating healthier than ever, and I get plenty of rest at night. Out of all the things I changed, I still never picked up on the fact that my beautyblender was harbouring acne causing bacteria.


This is a more obvious sign that it is time to replace your beautyblender. Once the sponge starts to remain ‘stained’ another color, and no amount of soap and water will get it out, it’s time for a replacement.

These ‘stained’ spots can also change the pigmentation of the products you are putting on it, so if you use it for foundation, concealer, etc., you run the risk of spreading old and unwanted product around your entire face.

Just yesterday, after applying my foundation, I noticed little black particles on my face. When I took a closer look, I realized they were little bits of my beautyblender! After missing all the other signs, this is the one that finally screamed, “get yourself together, woman!”

In the picture to the right, you can see my regular sized beautyblender is starting to deteriorate at the top. A tell-tale sign is the fact that the signature tip of the sponge has become misshapen (compare it to the minis on either side).

How long have you gone before realizing it was time for a replacement?

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