One Black Satin Dress, Three Ways

One Black Satin Dress, Three Ways
When I purchase clothing, I look for a few crucial things before adding it to my wardrobe.

Compatability. Versatility. Price. Does this work with the items I already have in my wardrobe? Can I wear it for multiple occasions, or style it in various ways? Is it worth the price tag? Before I purchase an item, I ask myself these questions to make sure I am not foolishly buying something I will grow to regret. Although, from time to time, I do impulse shop. I’m not perfect.

The other day, I was in Marshalls looking for some clothes for a bargain. (Yes, I am still on my spending ban but I needed new clothes for my business trip.) Out of sheer dumb luck, I came across this gorgeous black satin dress from NastyGal and immediately threw it in my cart and dashed off to the fitting room.

I loved how the split sleeves and cuffs looked on my arms. It gave the illusion that my arms were a bit longer. The ruffled neckline and bow also introduced a playful element to the dress that I was swooning over. However, I was not a fan of the cut; it wasn’t very flattering around my waist line. Despite this, I started to break down how I could style the dress to make it work for me, and I came up with three looks that would make this dress a must-have in my closet.

NastyGal Dress
Business Casual
Tuck dress into your favorite trousers to give it the illusion of a tucked-in blouse.

Blank NYC - NastyGal

Tuck dress into denim shorts to dress down the satin material. Consider rocking the cuffs unbuttoned.
NastyGal Dress
Night Out
Section off the dress with your favorite belt. I used a vintage Christain Dior belt to introduce some color.

Which one of these looks is your favorite?

Girls Night Outnastygal business casualGenevieve Business Casual Genevieve NastyGal Dress 2Genevieve NastyGal Dress

  • Kennedy Whittaker

    I am loving those shorts! Great post!

  • I love that this outfit can be styled in different ways

  • Nice ideas. I actually do these to some of my dresses too, especially those with lovely sleeves, like yours in this post.

    Jessica |

    • Thanks, Jessica! It’s nice to be able to style pieces in different ways. xoxo

  • Love this! Seriously dresses are my favorite because they can be so versatile!

    • Same. I never use to be much of a dress girl but now I love them.

  • All of these looks were breathtaking, definitely could not pick a favorite! Thanks for sharing.
    Isn’t That Charming.