Surviving Your Spending Ban

Surviving Your Spending Ban
Target Style - Blue Augustine
Oh boy, I’ve done it this time.

I’ve spent entirely way too much money on home improvements, new clothes, and beauty products. I got my credit card statement last week and let’s just say, it’s way more than I’d like it to be…way more than I am comfortable with. It’s time to enact my first official spending ban.

But that’s the reality of having a blog, right? Ehh, maybe not. We are constantly trying out new products and updating our wardrobes, but we also have to be financially responsible. You can’t spend money you don’t have. I mean, if we’re getting technical – you totally can, but then you are just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Pull Yourself Together & Have Some Freaking Restraint!

Tuesday morning, Mango (my favorite store) sent me an email: “Everything at 50% off.” As much as I’d like to entertain the idea of indulging in Summer clearance sales, I am standing my ground and I won’t be seduced by 50% off. I reluctantly closed out of the email, had a small cry, and moved on. Unsubscribe from brand newsletters and unfollow beauty news accounts. I’m telling you, this will make your life easier.

Go Ahead – Make My (Pay)Day!

Without my overindulgent spending, I already have a challenging time paying bills. I earn a bit more than all my monthly bills combined. I know, nerve racking… I’ve started putting all my spare change in jars, sorting them, and taking them to the bank. I’ve also cut out any other unnecessary spending at the grocery store. Every penny counts.

Can I Have Your Number? Can I?

Nope. Delete that saved credit card info from your apps. Make it a bit harder for yourself to impulse shop. If you have a harder time restraining yourself, this is a great way to disconnect from online retailers. Maybe consider deleting the app if you want to take it a step further!

I’m Walking Here. I’m Walking Here!

I’m going to be continuing my spending ban until I am fully out of debt and I managed to save up quite a bit more money. It’s going to be a while. Surviving this won’t be easy, but I will reap the benefits when I finally visit New York City.

Have you ever enacted a spending ban?

Target Style Blue Augustine

Steve MaddenSummer dress: Target ($35)
Shoes: Stecy by Steve Madden ($65)




  • Susan

    Photog game getting strong! I’m on a ban too lol

  • OMG I feel your pain! I feel like I can manage to hold out for a while but then I have withdrawal symptoms and buy a few things at once. xoxo

    • I was doing that in the beginning too! I told myself, I will not buy a single thing, but then life happens and you have to fork out $ for new tires…and then that made me sad, so I made myself feel better with new clothes. lol

  • So so true! I am currently planning to embark on a 1 yr (very minimal purchase) shopping ban. And I know it’ll be challenging but your tips are some of the ones I’ve used previously and will be utilizing now! It’s just so hard but you’re right, I can’t spend money I don’t have just to keep a blog. I think the key is setting a blog budget monthly and sticking to it

    • One year?! You have to tell me how that goes! I’m struggling with a three month ban, but a whole year is beyond my own comprehension.

  • Omg you are so beautiful! Love this dress.

    Enclothed Cognition

    • Thank you so much!! I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this dress in the Fall too – it’s so versatile.

  • I am currently downsizing and converting to a more minimalist-approach to life! Sometimes saving is just as satisfactory if not more satisfactory than spending 😂 PS love your outfit!!

    • Yes! I’ve been in the process of downsizing as well. I have so many clothes that I don’t even wear! Thanks for reading xoxo

  • SashaMoniqueTalks

    I am on a spending ban as well, because rent is increasing in my apartment complex, and If I don’t really need anything, I don’t buy it. Clothing is my biggest weakness, so I have to find ways to combat overspending by accessing the thrift stores, consignment shops and shopping on the clearance rack. This affords me the high I get from buying something that is new to me. I am working on banning myself from going into these stores because I am swimming in clothes.

    • Sounds just like me! I’m also swimming in a ton of clothes, most if which I don’t wear. If you have anything worth selling, check out poshmark or depop. You might be able to make some money off the clothes you lightly wore.

      • SashaMoniqueTalks

        Hello, Genevieve, that is some great advice and I am going to look into it. Thank you so much.

  • Anna Stevens

    This is an intense ban! No spending till completely out of debt seems difficult but I am definitely impressed. I think I’ll start small, a no spend day per week and see how that goes for a month and then maybe step it up to 2 days a week of no spending.

    • Oh yeah, it’s been tough, but I’ve managed to make it almost a month without spending on anything outside of groceries and toiletries for the home. Start small and work your way up! It’s totally doable.

  • The Cafe Scholar

    I did a one-month spending freeze awhile back. It was great – I found myself getting really creative. I did some preparation up front; I gassed up the car, bought groceries, etc, but once the month started, that was it. By week 3 I was baking cookies sweetened with syrup because I was out of sugar 🙂 and eating really silly food combinations, but it really helps to break the habit of fixing every problem with money (you might not have).

    • I agree with you! Not having money to throw at things you want definitely forces you to be more creative. I never though of using syrup in cookies – that’s actually really interesting. Did you like them?

      • The Cafe Scholar

        I did! It was boysenberry syrup and I was kind of hoping they would turn out pink (it wasn’t really noticeable). They weren’t like, the best cookies ever but they tasted good and I was proud of them :).